Iran Press- As expected before, the US presidential election 2020 ended with lawsuits.

Iran Presscommentary: US President Donald Trump's campaign stated that it has filed lawsuits protesting against counting ballots in many states. Trump's campaign claimed that in several states such as Pennsylvania the state officials have not let the campaign's observers be present at the pools.

Also, Donald Trump 24 hours after the pools closed on 3 November repeatedly in speeches and in his Twitter account has reported extensive election fraud in the US presidential election. He clearly noted that he will pursue the lawsuit through the Supreme Court of the United States.

These protests surged as the US Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden is going to reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. He already broke the highest popular voting in the US presidential election by gaining 70 million votes. It is expected that when the counting ballots end, Biden could finally secure the needed votes for becoming the first man in the White House.

Meanwhile, it seems that the current resident of the White House would not give the House key to his successor.

Trump said repeatedly that either he would win the election or the election fraud would have happened. Trump's excessive efforts to appoint a very conservative judge on the Supreme Court have been evaluated in this framework.

Six out of nine judges in the Supreme Court of the United States are from the conservative party and Trump hopes that this arrangement would keep him in the White House and let him stay as US president.  This somehow gave comfort to the conservative campaign and its supporters in the US. 

"Supporters of the conservative party who are worried about that the US Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden turned out as the president, have kept their composure because they believe that a conservative Supreme Court would impose restraints on Democrats' high ambitions," Sahil Kapur wrote in NBC website. 

20 years ago, the Supreme Court came to the help of another conservative candidate. The court ordered the stoppage of counting ballots in California then George W. Bush had entered the White House. The conservatives hope that it would happen again despite the majority's will.

Meanwhile, Trump's campaign attorneys have to bring the complaints to the federal courts then move it to the Supreme Court. In addition, the accuracy and validity of documents related to election fraud which Trump's team should base its claim on it would have damaging effects on the US judiciary.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court's rulings about the recent lawsuits including the one about Pennsylvania mailing votes were against Trump and conservative's expectations. So maybe in the end sending the 2020 election lawsuits to the Supreme Court would not turn out in Trump's favor. 

Writer: Amir Ali Abolfath
Translation: Javad Maleki


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