Second day of IR. Army drill: Phantom bombers destroy targets

Isfahan (IP) - On the second day of Iran's ninth aerial exercise of 'Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat' (The Devotees of the Velayat Sanctuary), F-4 heavy bombers destroyed preplanned targets using Maverick air-to-surface missiles and Qased smart bombs.

Iran PressIran News: The Spokesman for the ninth 'Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat' aerial exercise Brigadier General Farhad Goodarzi said that the F-4 bombers hit the targets using the upgraded and optimized Maverick missiles and Qased smart, precision-guided and remote-controlled bombs produced by the experts of the Iranian Army Air Force Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization.

Brigadier General Goodarzi said: "Arash Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), equipped with warheads, carried out operations against enemy's fortifications, and successfully destroyed the targets, flying over 100 km for the first time.

He reported that last night that Phantom bombers conducted heavy air-to-ground bombardment (carpet bombing) at pre-determined targets at low altitude.

"The F-4 also used Flare gas to illuminate the battlefield in order to identify and destroy targets by similar fighters," he added.

Yasin bombs hit ground targets successfully 

In another part of the wargame, F-4 fighter jets and bombers and MiG-29 interceptor aircrafts successfully destroyed ground and air targets using optimized and upgraded missiles in the real environment of electronic warfare.

Brigadier General Farhad Goodarzi said: "The F-4 bomber successfully destroyed the predetermined targets by firing precision-guided, smart and remote-controlled Yasin bombs."

Different types of bombers, large military transport aircraft, interceptor and reconnaissance planes, and patrol aircraft have taken part in the drill.

Stating that the exercise conveys Iran's message of peace, kindness, friendship, and help to the world, the army commander added that Iran's military doctrine is defensive, seeking no expansionist policy but strongly confronting any threat.  

The main stage of the ninth phase of the annual aerial drills, with the name of 'Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat', and with the holy codename 'Ya Sadeq Al-Mohammad (AS)' began in Isfahan, central Iran."


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