Some participants in the 34th International Conference on Islamic Unity expressed that there is a need for a link between the Islamic world and Muslim countries must cooperate to counter the coronavirus.

Iran PressAsia: During the 34th International Conference on Islamic Unity, Zahed Ali Zahed, a professor and former dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Karachi University stated that many cases have been affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic around the world. Many of the scientific activities that were taking place around the world were certainly influenced by it.

He added that there is a need for a link between the Islamic world, a chain through which Muslim countries can help each other, and cooperate in other areas, including health.

"The outbreak of coronavirus is a very important issue in the world, and countries are developing their own strategies to deal with the virus, which spread from China last year," Shayesteh Tabassum, professor and head of international relations at Karachi University, stated during the webinar.

In the conference, the head of Dar al-Ifta 'and Dar al-Ulum, Sayyid Ahmad Shahid Mohammad Adil Nadvi, stated that Muslims should unite to protect the house of God from the Nile coast to the land of Kashgar and stressed that we must adhere to Islam, the Qur'an is a role model of the perfect life and a perfect charter, so why should we pursue another system, we must return to the Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Muslims of Zimbabwe also called for closer cooperation with the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) to help the poor countries fight against coronavirus.

The 34th Islamic Unity International Conference began virtually with the participation of 167 prominent figures of the Islamic world.

Over 167 prominent figures from the Islamic world from 47 countries and 120 Iranian speakers give webinars on conference topics.


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