Bishop of Eastern Assyrian Church:
Bishop of Eastern Assyrian Church:Message of Christianity is love, respect

Tehran (IP)- Joint press conference of religious minority leaders was held on Friday evening at the Eastern Assyrian Church to condemn Western media insult to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Iran PressIran News: Bishop of the Eastern Assyrian Church Marnasai Benyamin said that the leaders of the monotheistic religions have come together for one purpose and that is empathy. 

He added that freedom should be at the service of elevation, not insulting and waging war and insecurity among people.

We need to behave with others, as we expect to behave with us, he highlighted.

Leader of the Jewish community, Younes Hamami Laleh Zar, also noted that friendship is the common massage of all religions.

Insulting shows weakness, and is not a correct way of negotiation, he highlighted.

Preserving human dignity is approved by all religions, and freedom does not mean hurting the feelings of others, he referred to.

The message of President of Tehran Priests Association, Ardeshir Khorshidian was also read at this event, saying that French President Emmanuel Macron is better to stop these controversial speeches and apologizes to the Muslim world for his latest statements.

At the end of this press conference, a statement by the Leaders of the Divine Religions Condemning the Statements of the President of France was read and signed.

The statement said that we do condemn the recent remarks of the president of France and western media, adding that the western government knows nothing about humanity.

French President Emmanuel Macron has accused Muslims of separatism and vowed not to give up cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad.


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