Tehran (IP) - Thousands of Iranian professors wrote a letter to France’s researchers and professors, protesting the insult to the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Iran Press/Iran News: The full text of the letter is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

All greetings and regards to you, the professors and elites of universities in France,

It has not been a long time passed since sending our previous letter to you that another event prompted us to talk to you for the second time, with more emphasis and sensitivity, and invite you to a theoretical dialogue and practical mobility in the thinkers and writers’ worthy perspective. 

Although you have not yet replied the previous letter, however, we do not want to block the chapter on mutual dialogue and the path of amity and exchange of view due to the far-fetched morality and human values of your inexperienced politician act and eradicate the opportunities and possibilities which are merely available for academic members and intellectual activists of our current age.

Therefore, in the context of reason, logic, fairness, and moral virtues, we would like to have a mutual written conversation regarding the openly and official support of the President of France for the publication of an insulting caricature relating to the Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and to call the aware conscious to judge.

O researchers and professors in France,

We know what will take place to human society if freedom does not limit to moral and human constraints and roots in vile desires and evil purposes. Is it other than that a great deal of nowadays’ human disasters and difficulties arise from such freedoms which are alien to morality, fairness and virtue? 

There is no human right that has been validated and legalized in contrast and contradiction of the other human beings’ rights and dignity whilst, based on that, your politicians have blamed some nations and states for many years, but now, we clearly face disregarding of even this minimalist argument in a country that is being introduced as the cradle of democracy, rights, and freedoms.

Does not insulting the prophet of God [PBUH], due to disregard the sanctity which is respected and sacred by one billion people at least, mean violating their rights?! which side should be taken in a circumstance that the right to freedom of speech for a magazine and a writer is in total contrary to the right of hundreds of millions of people?! Is wounding the religious feelings and interests of a billion Muslims deserved to deny and negate or follow and support?!

How is it that your president does not adhere to even the most fundamental principles of human rights while, in practice, offers a definition for freedom of speech that is neither compatible with fairness nor the intra-civilization arguments he claims?!

When freedom is indiscriminately defined to the highest human values and moral obligation and conscience, it will immediately turn against itself and endanger human civil life. This is the threat that your high-ranking politician is now confronting French society in the world.

O academic thinkers and experts,

Although Emmanuel Macron, in terms of his political position in France and Europe, finds himself in a situation where he needs such staging and role-playing, undoubtedly what has been happened is neither an incident nor can be subsided to this rank.

Indeed, the influence of "hidden Zionist interferences" in the official politics of the West, including France, is a fact that should be studied in the future’s history, but it is not hidden for those who deeply contemplate that Western governments are as toys in the hand of these hidden factions which are as the bottom layers to form official politics. Thus, not only has the logic of diplomacy in the political West been tainted with immorality, but it has also lost its national and indigenous independence, and Western politicians have become as the puppets of the Zionist capitalists, and this bitter event is one of their anti-Islam manifestations.

O venerable friends and colleagues in universities,

Contrary to the biased view of Islam represented by the Western media, this divine religion does not speak through the language of violence, aggression, and oppression and does not have a sharp sword in its hand, but respects pure human feelings and emotions and Prefers reasoning, argument, and dialogue.

Islam does not advise Muslims to raise their hands as surrenders against the oppressor and aggressor and accept the humiliation of submission, but at the same time, even in the midst of war, it does not block the chapter on rationality and reasoning and takes a usage by any means and excuse to call for virtue, dialogue, and exchange of views.

You can refer to the context of the Holy Qur'an and the life of the Holy Prophet [PBUH] and see the difference between the "realities of Islam" and the "media inductions", regardless of the false stereotypes created by the media affiliated with the United States and the Zionist regime. The necessity of "thinking" and "realism" is not to deprive yourself of this opportunity.

We have chosen you for mutual conversation and contemplation, not only in terms of being colleagues but also we believe that academic specialists, beyond the calculations and equations of the formal and daily politics of the world, are "obliged to regard the truth" and "in favor of virtue." They are fleeing from becoming the passive sequel of immoral and utilitarian politicians.

Therefore, we invite you once again not to be observant about what is going on in French society and politics, and to walk along the lines of your independent rationality and moral conscience, and not permit official politics in France to be subjected to such this ignorance, immorality and imprudence, and force the world to line up against of you, because the life of politicians is short, but the life of nations and their social capital is long, and it should not be as a toy in the hands of raw agents.

Wish you all success and health in spreading the truth and facing against distortion.

Calls are growing in parts of the Muslim world to boycott French goods in protest after President Emmanuel Macron publicly defended the blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed (PBUH).


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