Tehran (IP) - Faculty member of Tehran University said that the root of terrorism, which is poverty and denial of human rights, must be eradicated.

Iran Press/Iran News: In the meeting of an Association for the Defense of Victims of Terrorism, Elham Aminzade, Faculty member of Tehran university added that Terrorism is not yet clearly defined in the United Nations so that nations fighting for their rights can be separated from terrorism.

She stressed that the United Nations have failed to address the issue of lasting peace and security equally in all countries in 75 years.

A faculty member of Alame university, Qasem Zamani said that the US must reform its approach to supporting the victim of Terrorism.

Referring to the fact that victims of terrorism need social justice more than criminal justice he emphasized that Ensuring the physical and mental health of the victims of terrorism must be considered.

International lawyer and advocate, Keris Dubler also said that contrary to what is stated in the Charter of the United Nations about the tasks of this institution in helping the development of all countries, since 1945 there has been no significant change in the situation of developing countries.

He added that developed countries have not provided real assistance for developing countries in the last 75 years.

One of the biggest problems of the United Nations is the US ruling apparatus's influence over it, and US influence can be seen in various parts.

Head of the Word Institute for Peace in India Gholam Dehlavi said that one of the tasks of the United Nations and its human rights body during these 75 years has been to fight phenomena such as extremism and terrorism on a global scale; however, one of the main problems in this direction is the lack of recognition of the real victims of terrorism in the world, and in particular in the Jammu and Kashmir region.


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