US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, faced each other in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle. Trump accused Biden of corruption and the Democratic nominee said the US’ character is on the ballot.

Iran Press/America: The mute button, or at least the threat of it, seemed to work. In the second presidential debate, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were more restrained.

The candidates allowed each other to speak in the last presidential debate from Belmont University in Nashville on Thursday night, which marked the candidates’ last chance to pitch themselves to tens of millions of voters in primetime before Nov. 3, BBC reported.

They used respectful tones. Even when they went on the attack, they did so in a calm, deliberate manner.

After a pugnacious first debate, during which Donald Trump's constant interruptions may have cost him support in subsequent opinion polls, the president has very visibly dialed down the volume - and it made him a much more effective debater.

This time, the content of what the candidates are saying might be what the American public remembers from the debate - not the chaotic manner in which it was delivered.

Stating that he has more character and a better reputation for telling the truth, Joe Biden said: “Our country's character is on the ballot.”

Trump: Biden is corrupt if 'laptop from hell' story is true

In the final 2020 presidential debate, Donald Trump said if the report that connected former Vice President Joe Biden with his son's business dealings in Ukraine and China is true, he is a "corrupt" politician.

"Joe, they're calling you a corrupt politician," Trump told his opponent after the Democrat claimed he has more character and a better reputation for telling the truth.

Biden's defense was to change the subject to Trump's taxes and the president's own ties to China. 

The New York Post initially published the documents pulled from the hard drive that implicate Biden in a corruption scandal.

On the coronavirus management, Biden, not surprisingly, went on the attack. He pointed out Trump had repeatedly promised the disease would disappear on its own. He said there were 220,000 Americans dead and there could be another 200,000 by the end of the year.


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