2020 US Presidential election:

Joe Biden's town hall on ABC averaged 13.9 million viewers on Thursday night. Trump's gross audience across NBC, MSNBC and CNBC was 13 million. CNN's Brian Stelter breaks down the Nielsen ratings.

Iran Press/America: In a victory that few in the TV and political arenas predicted, Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s town hall-style forum on ABC on Thursday night drew a larger audience than US President Trump’s competing event on NBC, according to Nielsen.

Biden’s town-hall meeting, which aired on a single network, was seen by an average of 15.1 million viewers, compared with 13.5 million for Trump even though the US president monopolized three networks NBC, MSNBC and CNBC simultaneously.

According to Nielsen numbers indicated on Friday, the Biden deabte was watched by 13.9 million viewers on ABC, easily besting Trump’s NBC spectacle, which drew just 10.9 million viewers. The Trump event’s total viewership was dwarfed by Biden’s even though Trump’s was simulcast on CNBC and MSNBC: as CNN noted, the three networks combined for roughly 13 million viewers, a total that still lagged behind the Biden event.