Parliament speaker: We are in all-out economic war

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Parliament speaker said that the country is in an all-out economic war, adding: "In such a war, we have to take care of what we do since it is not easy to arrive at decisions."

Iran PressIran News: In a meeting with young MPs in Parliament Standing Committee for Budget Integration, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf stressed the need to form working groups among the young parliamentarians, asking them to exemplify how a devout Muslim parliamentarian should behave.

He highlighted the continuation and repetition of meetings with young members of Parliament, stating: "One of the characteristics of this meeting is the presence of all guests who follow discussions with enthusiasm. Although there are various opinions, intimacy and interaction can be well observed."

Stating that Iran is in an all-out economic war, the Parliament speaker clarified: "In this economic war, we have to take care of what we do since it is not easy to arrive at decisions."

Ghalibaf underlined that solving many problems of the country lies in hands of the MPs present in this place, adding: "Reaching a common understanding in this community is the first thing we must do to solve the problems of the country to extract common priorities from this common understanding, and finally agree on the implementation method."

He asked the young parliamentarians present in the meeting to form working groups, adding: "It is better to form these working groups in cooperation with commissions and the Parliamentary Research Center, in accordance with the interest and expertise of young representatives, hence I demand that you choose issues such as budget structure reform, smuggling of commodities and currencies, energy exchange, etc., and work on these issues around the clock."

Stating that problems should not be raised during the next parliamentary sessions without presenting their solutions, Ghalibaf reminded: "The young MPs should present a solution for any specific problem. Each working group should report on the work so that a common understanding and priority could be obtained."

Ghalibaf considered it is on the Parliament to be policy-making, saying: "Of course, this is important and time-consuming, and plans such as resolving the tax plan for vacant houses, building and producing housing, allocating a basket of commodities to people in need, a dual emergency plan related to the stock market, etc. are among the remarkable measures in the first few months since the 11th Parliament kicked off."

Pursuing the plan of transparency of the votes of the parliamentarians, determining the priorities of the 11th Parliament, planning to deal with the increase of currency, car and housing prices, protecting the Second Phase of the Revolution, transparency of the stances of the Presiding Board of the Parliament, creating media connection in the Parliament, activating the Revolution faction, field monitoring of deprived areas by the Parliament speaker and MPs, the need to reduce the economic problems of the people in a short time, etc. were among the issues underlined by young MPs during the meeting.


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