Russia says don't care US threats on Iran's arms trades

Russia (IP) - Russia's envoy to international organizations in Vienna in reaction to US threat to impose sanctions on Russian companies for any arms trade with Iran said that the "US really thinks Russia cares about Washington decisions?"

Iran PressEurope: In response to a tweet from Senior Adviser at the American and Anti-Iranian Foundation for the "Defense of Democracies", Richard Goldberg, Mikhail Ulyanov wrote in a new tweet on Monday about the possibility of US sanctions against Russian or Chinese companies if it has arms deal with Iran: "I believe that all possible US sanctions have been imposed on our defense sector (Russia)."

"Do you really think we will be wary of US sanctions? Our policy will be implemented entirely in the face of other factors and not due to your (the United States) threats."

Richard Goldberg tweeted: "If a Russian or Chinese company tries to sell arms to Iran, this company and all its subsidiaries involved in the deal will face (unilateral US) sanctions."

He added: "State centers treat global trade like other companies if the issue of US sanctions is raised."

Pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as of yesterday, October 18, all arms embargoes against the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as related financial measures and services, and all bans on entry or transit through the territory of UN member states which had previously been imposed on some Iranian citizens and military officials, ended automatically.

The Islamic Republic of Iran yesterday issued an official statement on the end of Iran's arms embargo, stressing that according to one of the innovations of the JCPOA, the definitive and unconditional end of arms embargoes and travel bans does not require the adoption of a new resolution, and the UN Security Council is not required to issue a statement or to carry out any other action.


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