Russia's Deputy Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations slammed Washington's provocative policies towards Iran in a message to the US Secretary of State.

Iran PressAmerica: Russia's Deputy Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy, tweeted a warning to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warning Washington to stop provocative actions against Iran.

"Change the words 'sanction' and 'punishment' to the words you use to dialogue and interaction," the senior Russian official wrote in his message. This will make the United States regain its respect, he emphasized.

This is Polyanskiy's message was in response to Pompeo's recent statement after the lifting of arms embargoes on Iran.

Reacting to the expiration of arms embargoes on Iran, the US Secretary of State said on Sunday: "Washington will use its authority to impose sanctions on any individual or organization that assists in the supply, sale or transfer of arms originating in or to Iran."

Pompeo also claimed that the export of conventional weapons to Iran, or the purchase of weapons from that country, is considered a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

According to UN Security Council Resolution 2231, Iran's arms embargo ended today, October 18.

Members of the UN Security Council have opposed a US call for an extension of Iran's arms embargo.


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