Tehran (IP) - The Center for the Management of Iranian Seminaries condemned a proposal by the French government to restrict Islamic activities in the country.

Iran PressIran news: The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, recently unveiled an anti-Islamic bill as part of his anti-Islamic policies in the country, claiming that his aim was to combat extremism and sectarianism.

Issuing a statement in response to the French anti-Islamic bill, the Center for the Management of Iranian Seminaries stressed that the bill is a clear insult to religion and religious foundations, introducing Islam as a religion that promotes violence.

Pointing out that France includes the largest Muslim community in Europe, the statement added that undoubtedly, the result of the French government's anti-Islamic policies will be racism, hatred of non-French people, and growing Islamophobia in the country. 

The Center for the Management of Iranian Seminaries suggested the French government to support the authentic Islamic moral and religious values instead of choosing a security approach to Islamic rituals in France because if the bill is approved, not only no problem be solved, but also the country will face increasing problems in the long run.

In France, people have expressed concern that the country is yielding to American-style identity politics, long widely rejected in France.

Recently 'Charlie Hebdo' magazine has republished insulting caricatures of Islam's Holy Prophet (PBUH) in a new impudence.


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