Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki stated that the coronavirus has accelerated in the rate of spread, infecting more population.

Iran PressIran News: Referring to the outbreak of coronavirus, Namaki told reporters that unfortunately, the latest studies on the coronavirus show the virus has undergone some changes.

Although these mutations don't affect the pathogenicity of the virus, he said, but the coronavirus has accelerated in the rate of spread and in infecting more population, and this is a warning for the country to observe social distancing, reduce traveling and use masks.

Speaking on the sidelines of Wednesday's cabinet session, the Iranian health minister added: "With the escalation of the current situation, we have imposed fines on people who do not follow the health protocols and threaten the rights of others, and I hope that by enacting these laws, we will succeed in controlling the coronavirus."

"Yesterday, I asked the president to allow us to apply traffic restrictions in five important cities with a high outbreak, such as Tehran, Karaj, Mashad, Isfahan and Urmia, during the next three-day holiday. He immediately agreed and informed the relevant bodies. We hope that by implementing this, we will be able to take steps to reduce the disease infection," he noted.

Namaki also said: “We have developed strategies in which, in addition to imposing new restrictions, depending on where we feel more risk, we will have a program for conducting diagnostic tests, and collaborating with the Basij and NGOs.”

The minister of health added: "We have developed new programs to fight the coronavirus, especially in the cold season, one of which is having more strictness."


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