Turkey and Greece postponed their next round of technical talks on the Mediterranean on Sunday.

Iran Press/Asia: According to news sources in Turkey, the NATO-hosted talks between Ankara and Athens on the dispute in the eastern Mediterranean will not take place on time.

The seventh meeting was scheduled to take place on Monday at NATO headquarters, with military delegations from both sides scheduled to review technical details during this round of talks.

Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said both sides had agreed on delays in the talks and that the meeting is scheduled to take place in the coming days.

Turkish and Greek military delegations have been engaged in technical talks hosted by NATO since September 10th.

The talks came after phone calls from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in early September. The last round of talks took place on September 29, sin then the talks stopped.

Turkey has recently resumed drilling and exploration of its oil resources after a hiatus. Greece claims that Turkey's maritime activity is in a region that is part of the country's economic sphere.

On the other hand, Erdogan said that no country will give in to bullying and Turkey will continue its legal activities in the Mediterranean.


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