Reacting to the French president's stance on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Macron was encouraging further tensions with a personal and racist approach.

Iran Press/Asia: The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement accusing Macron of trying to stir up tensions after remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron accusing Ankara of "provocative and unacceptable behavior" in the eastern Mediterranean. 

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that "determining the maritime jurisdiction of any country in the Mediterranean or any other region is not within Macron's jurisdiction, and France should refrain from unilateral and provocative actions and the taking of the EU hostage in its narrow interests."

French President Emmanuel Macron at a news conference, ahead of the seven European Countries summit on escalating tensions between Ankara and Athens over oil and gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean, said that we Europeans need to deal decisively with the Erdogan government, not the Turkish people."

While Greece, along with some European countries, believes that Turkey's actions are illegal, it has warned Ankara of the consequences of its actions. Turkey, however, has stated that it is only securing its rights in the Black Sea and the Aegean sea.


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