By removing Persian from the list of foreign languages, the Afghan government declared it as one of the national languages in the country.

Iran PressAsia: Ahmad Javid Rasouli the head of the National Statistics and Information Office of Afghanistan said: "Persian, which has been on the list of foreign languages of Afghanistan along with several other languages, was removed from the list of foreign languages and added to the national languages of this country due to the protests of the Afghan Persian-speaking citizens."

Afghan official added that until now, Persian and Tajik languages were considered as foreign languages, while Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Sindhi, Mongolian, Kazakh, and some other languages as internal languages were used in the form of electronic ID cards, this issue was faced by protests of citizens, including Persian speakers.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan linguists, including Javid Farhad, said that It is linguistically illogical to consider Persian and Tajik as foreign while considering languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, Multani, etc. as internal.

Because these languages, Persian and Tajik, have a rich historical and cultural identity and background that is related to the civilization and culture of Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan.


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