Iraqi official: Perpetrators linked to attacks on diplomatic missions arrested

The spokesman for Iraq's joint operations command stated on Thursday that individuals linked to the attacks on diplomatic missions in Baghdad had been arrested and their confessions would be publicized.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with INA, Major General Tahseen al-Khafaji stressed that the investigation into the attacks on diplomatic missions in Iraq will be made available to the public once completed.

He said that the Iraqi Joint Operations Command stated in a statement condemning the attacks on diplomatic missions, calling it a "shameful terrorist crime."

Al-Khafaji noted: "Mustafa al-Kazemi, the Prime minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, ordered the suspension of the activities of the force that was in charge of security in the Green Zone of Baghdad and an investigation to find out how the diplomatic centers were targeted."

He noted that Iraqi Interior Minister Othman al-Ghanmi had announced that individuals had been arrested in connection with the attacks on embassies and diplomatic missions.

The spokesman expressed that the arrests were a message to the terrorists that no matter how hard they tried to escape, they would eventually be arrested and sent to prison to be punished for their actions.

Al-Khafaji stated that the results of the investigation into the perpetrators involved in the attacks have reached important and final stages and will be made available to the citizens once they are completed, as this is important for public opinion.

He called the attack on diplomatic missions a deliberate move aimed at undermining Iraq's interests and damaging Iraq's foreign relations, adding that Baghdad desperately needed international relations, as well as economic development and the resolution of its various crises; hence, the perpetrators of these actions are trying to harm Iraq and the interests of the nation. 

In this regard, Iraqi Prime Minister al-Kazemi on Wednesday met ambassadors from 25 foreign countries in Baghdad, stressing his country's commitment to the rule of law, the monopoly of arms in the hands of the government, and the protection of diplomatic missions and centers. 

He expressed that the perpetrators of the attacks on diplomatic missions were aimed at destabilizing Iraq and destroying Baghdad's regional and international relations, and stressed the need to enforce the law, monopolize weapons in the hands of the government, and protect diplomatic missions and centers.

Al-Kazemi added that the attacks not only target diplomatic venues but also innocent citizens, including children; therefore, the security services are determined to put an end to this situation and have taken the necessary measures to achieve this goal.

Attacks on foreign military bases and diplomatic centers in Iraq have increased in recent weeks.


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