US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after a-two-days visit left Greece on Wednesday and met the Italian Prime Minister in Rome.

Iran PressEurope: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Rome on Wednesday for an official visit to Italy and the Vatican under tight security arrangements.

The US Secretary of State met with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the Prime Minister's Palace. During the meeting, all the streets around the Italian Prime Minister's Palace were closed to cars.

Hundreds of Italian security forces and anti-terrorist police of Italy are monitoring the situation. Police helicopters have been constantly monitoring the Pompeo convoy since the US Secretary of State arrived in Rome. All movements in the center of Rome are also under control.

Also, while senior Italian officials are meeting with Pompeo, Pope Francis, the Leader of the Catholic Church, will not accept the US Secretary of State.

According to Vatican sources, the US Secretary of State's recent intervention in Vatican affairs has strained relations between the two sides and caused the Pope's refusal to meet with Pompeo.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday he was concerned about China's plans to extend its economic influence in Italy.

The United States has repeatedly urged Italy, home to several large US military bases, not to deepen ties with China and Pompeo said he had reiterated the message at meetings with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.


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