Tehran (IP) - Chief Commander of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami ruled out any compromise with the United States, calling it a 'political deception' by Washington.

Iran PressIran News: Attending the open session of the parliament on the occasion of Holy Defense Week, General Salami said: "There is no military option available for the US and war is ruled out. They are using economic pressure and psychological warfare. We have to work day and night in this economic war. The enemy is neither able nor willing to solve our problems, and the path to our prosperity does not pass through interaction with the US. If we compromise with the United States, it will damage us. Every nation does not break until it bends, and the story of compromise is a political deception."

The IRGC chief noted that there is no doubt that war was imposed on us; it was a world war.

He added: "Iraq had global economic support during the war. All the world powers such as Britain, France, Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States provided all the advanced weapons to Iraq. The world attacked us at the height of its power while we were alone."

"According to the apparent calculations of the world coalition, we should have been defeated, but no one could resist the men of faith who attacked the enemy. Every nation grows and moves as far as the horizon of its ideals. The Iranian nation became great in the war and shattered the aspirations of the great powers," the commander noted.

The IRGC commander emphasized: "The United States has gradually lost its influence and has not been able to achieve a field victory. It brought ISIS to the scene, and we made the US failed at no cost and foiled its aspirations for the changing of West Asia. The US is retreating."

Referring to the harsh economic sanctions imposed on Iran, Gen Salami said: "Once again, we fight in this economic war, which has a global dimension. People endure hardships because they want dignity and independence."


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