The leader of Sadrist Movement in a tweet stated that We will not allow Iraq to be a foreign colony.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sadr tweeted on Saturday that he would not allow Iraq to be a foreign colony; neither to East nor to West. He added that Iraq is a strong and independent country.

Sadr also tweeted on Friday calling for the formation of a security and military investigation committee into the attack on foreign delegations and diplomatic missions in Iraq.

He continued: "Due to the dangerous security situation, these actions violate the law and threaten the authority of the government."

According to the leader of the Sadr movement, these actions are also a direct threat to the life and destiny of the nation, so we believe that the formation of security, military and parliamentary inquiry committees is a necessary measure.

The US embassy in Baghdad, military convoys and US military bases in Iraq have been the target of numerous attacks in recent months.

Many Iraqi people and groups demand the withdrawal of US terrorist forces from Iraq, and the Iraqi parliament has approved a plan for the withdrawal of these forces.


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