Tehran (IP) - Nosratollah Lotfi, the Deputy Head of the Coordinating Council for Islamic Propagation, in an interview with the council's information base said that the cancellation of the Arbaeen March does not mean closing the Arbaeen ceremony; as we have announced on all occasions that we will have an uninterrupted health-oriented ceremony.

Iran Press/Iran news: Lotfi announced that this year, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the restrictions observed in Iran and Iraq, a definite decision was made not to hold the Arbaeen March this year.

"We are all obliged to follow this decision made by the officials and with respect to the host country, we should refrain from traveling to Iraq for the purpose of Arbaeen March," he expressed.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei recently has said that going to the Arbaeen March is at the discretion of the officials of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, adding that Arbaeen rituals and devotion to Imam Hussein (AS) can be observed at home.


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