Tehran (IP)- "Contrary to what the enemy shows, the Yemeni people are very educated and knowledgeable. Iran has not exported weapons to the Yemenis but Tehran transfers the technology and experience in the field of defense to produce missiles, UAVs, and weapons to them," said the senior spokesman for the Armed Forces.

Iran Press/Iran News: Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, the senior spokesman for the Iranian military, said in a TV program: "Today we are armed with weapons that we all made ourselves. These weapons, in the hands of the men of God, will lead to victory. The United States has the most advanced weapons, but because it is in the hands of the demons, it will fail, as we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria."

Regarding Iran's military presence in the region, Shekarchi said: "We have an advisory presence in the region, and we will not interfere in any way. We do not have a military presence in any country."

"The countries of the Resistance Front such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen have their own armies and forces; our experienced troops go there and provide them with scientific assistance. It is the people and the armies of those countries that line up against the enemies," he added.

The senior spokesman of the Armed Forces emphasized, "Any country that lines up against the Zionist regime and the bloodthirsty American regime, we should help it as much as we can. But the economic problems of our country do not require us to give something to someone for free; so we sell them."

In response to another question about Iran's troops in Syria, the spokesman said: "Iran has not forced anyone to go to Syria from Afghanistan and fight, for example, military intervention is when we take an army or brigade to Syria; that is not the case."

He said: "Recently, during a visit to Syria by the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Syrian government asked for Iran's help in strengthening its air defense, and we announced to the world that we have the agreement with the Syrian government and we will strengthen it." 


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