Tehran (IP)- Deputy Minister of Health Iraj Harirchi expressed that despite US cruel and unilateral sanctions, Iran has not faced any problem to treat coronavirus patients.

Iran Press/Iran news: To clarified Iran's medical and pharmaceutical capacities to fight coronavirus, Iraj Harirchi in an exclusive interview with Iran Press stressed that with health staff's nonstop efforts and sacrifices, not a single corona patient has been deprived of treatment despite major problems in transferring medicine, medical equipment, and financial resources to Iran.

The deputy minister noted that while facing a paucity of medical resources, more than 15,000 beds have been added to hospitals in one year, and 1,000 more ICU beds will be added soon.

Harirchi expressed hope that with the increase of medical capacities and human resources in the health field, which is about 24,000 staff, COVID-19 can be contained.


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