Tehran (IP) - The Head of Pasteur Institute of Iran Alireza Biglari stated that the novel coronavirus is a strange and complicated virus that the world is combating.

Iran PressIran News: Referring to how human knowledge is currently insufficient in curing and containing the novel ambiguous virus, Biglari added that social and economic status also contributes to spreading the virus.

Biglari pointed out that after the vaccine passes the animal test phase, it will be tested on humans, adding there is still no vaccine approved to contain the virus.

"Vaccines are injected in two stages, for getting a better result and provoke the immune system," Biglari added.

He expressed that the most effective way to combat the virus is by wearing a mask, adding: "The virus has proven that human knowledge is inadequate to combat it and is, therefore, a challenge for the whole world, including developed countries."

According to Biglari, Social training on how to behave in public and implementing all health protocols are the keys to combat the virus.

The third Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) Science Promotion meeting discussing the latest developments on the coronavirus vaccine was held on Sunday in Tehran.


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