The founder of the Israeli missile industry acknowledged in a statement the growing power of Iran's missile capability.

Iran PressMiddle East: Uzi Robin, nicknamed the father of the Israeli missile industry, acknowledged Iran's military power.

He stressed: "Iran's rapid progress in the development of civilian and military space programs is a real concern." The year 2020 has been extraordinary for Iran's space designs.

Uzi Robin also referred to the success of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in building and developing research centers and acknowledged that the IRGC Air Force has been able to achieve many victories.

The Foreign Ministry of the occupying Zionist regime has previously and in a statement expressed concern over Iran's significant progress in the field of missiles.

The culmination of Iran's progress in the field of satellites and missiles was the Noor satellite, which was launched on April 22 from the three-phase "Ghased" satellite. The satellite was successfully placed in orbit 425 km from Earth.


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