Afghan government described negotiation talks with Taliban as optimistic

A spokesman for the Afghan government's negotiating team expressed optimism about the outcome of negotiations with the Taliban.

Iran Press/Asia: Nader Naderi, a spokesman for the Afghan government's negotiating team, on Wednesday evening, the fifth day of talks in Doha, said that the agenda for negotiations are being finalized and the two delegations agreed in most cases.

"Nader Naderi" added that these negotiations would continue until the desired result is achieved.

Afghanistan Government and Taliban negotiating teams have not formally provided details on the content of the agendas. Still, some sources have told the media that the two sides have so far agreed to refrain from making tense statements.

The Afghan government and the Taliban are set to discuss the ceasefire, Afghanistan's future political system, the division of power, and how to integrate the Taliban into the country's security forces.


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