Al-Wefaq: Bahraini people stand by Palestinian nation forever

Manama (IP) - Deputy Secretary-General of the National Islamic Al-Wefaq Society stressed Bahraini people’s support of the Palestinian nation.

Iran PressIran news: Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi pointed on Tuesday to the agreement of Al-Khalifa and Israeli regimes to resume ties and said the Emirati and Bahraini rulers have targeted the Palestinian cause under the pretext of maintaining peace. 

The Al-Wefaq Society of Bahrain also announced on Sunday that the Al-Khalifa regime has forced Bahraini religious, sports, and civil institutions to issue a statement in support of the compromise with the Israeli regime.

Al-Wefaq is Bahrain's largest opposition group.

Following the announcement of ties normalization agreement between the Israeli regime and the UAE on August 13, US President Donald Trump on September 11 also announced the normalization of relations between Bahrain and the Israeli regime.

The Emirati and Bahraini authorities are supposed to meet the Zionist Regime’s authorities in the White House today (on Tuesday), and officially sign the agreement on normalizing ties with the regime. 

These agreements have been widely criticized in the Muslim world. 


Al-Wefaq: Zionists have no place in Bahrain