Tehran (IP) - The second shipment of Iranian humanitarian and medical aid to counter Covid-19 was delivered to the Kyrgyz authorities by the Iranian embassy.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's aid shipments included medical equipment such as ventilators, thermometers and pulse oximeters (oxygen meters), PCR tests and kits for EIA testing.

Humanitarian aid was provided by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the request of the Kyrgyz side; the donations were made at a formal ceremony attended by Jannat Bishenov, chairman of the Kyrgyz-Iranian Joint Commission, the Kyrgyz Minister of Transport and Roads, Deputy Minister of Health Qalisbek Shadikhanov, Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister Nurlan Abdurakhmanov and Saeed Kharrazi, the Iranian ambassador in Bishkek.

Saeed Kharazi in this ceremony, referring to the struggle of the Iranian people against the two viruses of oppressive sanctions and Coronavirus, noted: "despite all the difficulties and pressures, Iran considers it its duty to send humanitarian aid to meet the needs of the Kyrgyz people."

The Iranian ambassador in Bishkek reminded that all the devices and equipment that entered Kyrgyzstan were produced by Iranian youth in domestic companies.

The Kyrgyz Deputy Minister of Health, while appreciating the efforts of the Embassy and the Government of Iran, noted: "Iranian humanitarian aid is invaluable to Bishkek, and medicine and equipment will be used to treat Kyrgyz citizens with COVID-19."


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