The head of Afghanistan's Supreme National Reconciliation Council told at a meeting in Qatar that the country's problems would not be resolved soon.

Iran Press/Asia: According to AVA news agency, Abdullah Abdullah in today's meeting called the start of direct talks between the government and the Taliban an important step towards peace and added that people expect these talks to end the war in Afghanistan and end the violence.

He added that the Afghan delegation was scheduled to meet with the Taliban delegation in the presence of the US Secretary of State on the sidelines of the Qatar peace talks, but the Taliban refused and insisted that the issue was Afghan-related and that Afghans should meet alone.

In other news, the acting Afghan Foreign Minister expressed concern at a news conference in Doha over the possible failure of peace talks between Afghans and the Taliban.

Mohammad Hanif Atmar said on Sunday that the failure of peace talks could endanger not only Afghanistan but also the region and the world.

The acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan added that the final outcome of the talks is not predictable and we have a long way to go.

Afghan peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban began on Saturday in Doha, Qatar.


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