Tehran(IP) - Former Palestinian Foreign Minister and University Professor, Mahmoud al-Zahar said that the United Arab Emirates rulers have committed great crimes against the Palestinian people and have ignored their rights.

Iran PressIran News: Referring to the fact that the Zionist regime is a clear enemy against the Palestinian people and its sanctities, al-Zahar added that the agreement signed by the UAE rulers with the Zionists is a dagger on Palestinians' back and the leaders of the UAE must take responsibility for that.

He emphasized that the UAE rulers tried to justify their actions with false arguments such as stopping the annexation of the West Bank, but the Zionist regime exposed their lies and announced that it has no agreement with the UAE in this regard.

Palestine must strive for their rights and the restoration of just and liberal values, Former Palestinian Foreign Minister noted.

Al-Azhar warned that the UAE's agreement with the Zionist regime gives the Zionists more power and motivation to spread crimes against the Islamic nations.

He concluded that the unity of all nations of the Arab and Islamic ummah is necessary to prevent such agreements with the Zionist regime, and an Arab-Islamic front must be created.

Al-Azhar made remarks in a meeting which was held in Tehran, on Saturday evening to discuss the revelation of relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime, the relationships that began decades ago and have continued semi-secretly ever since.


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