Tehran (IP) - The inventor of the Iranian environmental disinfection device Amir-Saeed Maleki said that the device was made with the efforts of Iranian researchers in 7 months and has now reached the mass production stage.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on Saturday, Maleki stated that three samples of this device, including disinfection columns for low-traffic environments, disinfection units for highly-populated areas, and disinfection kits for the sanitization of contaminated clothing, have been mass-produced.

The inventor of the environmental disinfection device emphasized that the efficiency of this device has been proven and approved by Iran's University of Medical Sciences and it completely eliminates the coronavirus.

The Iranian inventor stressed that it is necessary to observe all health protocols, but if the environmental disinfectant is used indoors, it is not necessary to wear masks.

The Iranian device for disinfecting the environment was unveiled in a ceremony on Saturday in the presence of the inventor of the device and some members of the parliament.

The device uses hidden UV rays and ozone gas to disinfect the ambient air and protect against the coronavirus.


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