Tehran (IP) - An Iranian device for disinfecting the environment was unveiled, which uses hidden UV rays and Ozone gas to disinfect the environment.

Iran Press/Iran News: The device, unveiled at a ceremony attended by the inventor of the device and some members of the Iranian parliament (Majlis), uses hidden UV rays and Ozone gas to disinfect the environment and protects against coronavirus.

The CEO of Pars Saeed Company and the inventor of the device Amir-Saeed Maleki in a press conference on Saturday expressed that the environmental disinfectant is the result of reverse engineering from an American model, adding the American model is priced at $4750, while the Iranian model is a lot cheaper worthing approximately $250.

A member of the Iranian parliament, Mohammad-Mahdi Zahedi, also stated that domestic producers are diligent in the field of production.

The MP noted that the efforts of the manufacturers of environmental disinfectants with hidden UV rays and Ozone gas are commendable, adding that this achievement has been made in less than 7 months.

Zahedi stated that this device can be easily exported because it is cheaper than its foreign model.


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