Following the US-brokered agreement between Bahrain and the Zionist Regime of Israel to normalize bilateral relations, Palestine’s ambassador to Manama was recalled to Ramallah on Friday.

Iran Press/Middle East: On Friday, just weeks after its Persian Gulf neighbor the United Arab Emirates extended recognition and full diplomatic relations to Israel, the Kingdom of Bahrain did the same. In response, the Palestinian Authority has ordered its diplomatic envoy to the island nation to return home.

Similar to the UAE, Bahrain is a close US ally and hosts large US military bases.

The Palestinian Authority and the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas both condemned the Israeli-Bahraini normalization deal as another “stab in the back” by an Arab state and an act of “aggression” against their people.

The agreement was “a stab in the back of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people,” like the UAE-Israel deal announced last month, Ahmad Majdalani, social affairs minister in the West Bank-based PA, said in a statement.