In the Zulfiqar-99 Army Joint Drill, the Shalamcheh Air Defense Optimized Missile succeeded in destroying enemy targets under the operational guidance of the Air Defense Base.

Iran PressIran News: In the new part of the Zulfiqar-99 Army Joint Drill, the hostile Aerial Vehicle which was flying at a high speed and high altitude and intended to enter the general area of the exercise, while having a very low radar cross-section, was detected by radar systems from the air defense base.

The Army Air Defense's home-made system tracked and destroyed target by firing an optimized surface-to-air Shalamcheh Missile.

Referring to the indigenous capabilities in dealing with small aerial vehicles, Second Rear Admiral Shahram Irani stated: "Combating small aerial vehicles, preventing any of them from entering the vast exercise area and directing them to the desired areas, were among the items that were performed in the Zulfiqar-99 Army Exercise."

The spokesman for the Zulfiqar-99th Army Joint Drill noted that the inherent and real duty of air defense is to fully monitor the country's airspace from outside the borders, adding: "During the exercise, the movements of regional and trans-regional forces are fully monitored, and offensive flights are observed and tracking targets in emergency situations are conducted."


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