Tehran (IP) - The head of the judiciary stated on Sunday that Iran has some classified information that shows the US government as well as some European countries support drug smugglers.

 Iran Press/Iran news: Delivering a speech at a summit about reviewing the ways of dealing with drug trafficking, Ebrahim Raisi referred to the role of the US government and European countries in supporting drug smugglers, saying that the increase in the production of drugs and harvesting opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan have been done with the supports of Americans.

"The US warships in the region have expanded the US support for drug trafficking gangs," Raisi added.

He also stressed that Iran will continue to fighting with drug trafficking, saying: "International organizations have praised Iran and have given medals for its serious and efficient fighting against drug trafficking, but these are only empty words and they don't do anything in practice."

The United Nations has described Iran as the pioneer of fighting with drug trafficking in the world.


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