Tehran (IP)- After receiving the report of the Central Bank on the measures taken to provide the currency needed for the raw materials for drug production, the President said, "Despite all the various bottlenecks and pressures that exist in the current situation, the government is trying to prevent hardships in the country’s strategic areas".

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking on Sunday in the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board, Hassan Rouhani added, "Apart from livelihood and supply of basic goods and raw materials for factories, people's health is the most important priority. In this regard, the supply of medicine is one of the main and strategic areas, and the relevant departments will not allow people to feel deficient in this regard with the planning they have done”.

Rouhani continued, "The demands of the medical staff who have been selflessly on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus in recent months will be met with the fund made for this regard, and with the plans made by the Central Bank and the Plan and Budget Organisation, all demands must be paid promptly”.

While emphasizing the support and strengthening of investment in the housing sector as propellers of the prosperity of production and employment, the President described it necessary to use different ways of public participation in financing housing production projects.


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