Tehran (IP) - Iranian president on Saturday morning said that over the past years, the health of students has always been a concern for the Ministry of Education.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking during the opening ceremony of the Iranian new school year on Saturday via videoconference, Hassan Rouhani stressed that the duality of health and education and the duality of home and school are wrong.

President Rouhani went on to say: "After seven months of schools' closure across Iran, the beginning of the new school year will create a different atmosphere."

The Iranian president also noted: "This year, we are taking on the burden of educating students across the country in a condition that our responsibility is more severe and heavier."

Rouhani pointed out: "Dear teachers, principals, schools, all officials in charge of the Ministry of Education and all of us have been put on a big trial this year to perform our duties more accurately and more diligently than what we did in previous years."

He also added: "It is very important for us that along with the public and society's life and health, the process of science, knowledge, and education takes place in the country."

Rouhani pointed out: "As we have proved in the past months, the duality of bread and life is a lie, and as we have clarified, the duality of health and religion is incorrect. Today, with the help of all families, dear students, and teachers, we will prove the duality of health and education and the duality of home and school is wrong."

Hassan Rouhani emphasized: "Students' health has been one of the concerns for the Ministry of Education for years."

Earlier, Iran's Education Minister Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei on 31 Aug said that all students will attend their classes physically in the new school year by observing health protocols.


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