Iran's Minister of Education Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei stated that all schools in the country will reopen from September 5, in accordance with the health protocols.

Iran Press/Iran News: Haji-Mirzaei said on Thursday: "According to the health protocols the use of masks is mandatory for all staff and students of schools and teachers, and schools are regularly disinfected."

Elaborating on how the health protocols will be implemented in schools, he also said that the social distancing between the students will be at least one meter and the time of the classes will be at most 35 minutes.

Over 15 million students in Iran will go back to schools on Saturday, seven million of them live in the red zones of COVID-19. The education ministry says online education will for now be limited to the red spots. In the orange and green zones, in-person teaching will be adopted.


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