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A Palestinian prisoner was martyred in Israeli prison as a result of medical negligence.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Committee announced that 'Dawud Talaat Al-Khatib, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison, was martyred in 'Ofer' prison near Ramallah due to a heart attack.

Al-Khatib, who also suffered a heart attack in 2017, was scheduled to be released in November 2020 after completing his sentence.

The Palestinian captive information office blamed the Zionist regime for the martyrdom of the Palestinian detainee and stressed that the situation in Israeli prisons was reported to be 'tense' following al-Khatib's martyrdom.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), referring to the harsh conditions of Palestinian captives in Zionist prisons, said that al-Khatib had been deliberately neglected by the medical staff during his years of detention, which eventually led to his martyrdom.

With the martyrdom of Dawud Talaat al-Khatib, the number of martyrs of the 'al-Asira' movement has reached 225 since 1967.


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