Iranian radar range reaches 3,000 kilometres: General Shirazi

Tehran (IP)- Head of Military Office of Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that at the time of the Holy Defense (Iran-Iraq war), we tried to have a radar that could observe 25 kilometers, but today we have radars with the range of 3,000 kilometers.

Iran Press/Iran news: Brigadier General Mohammad Shirazi said on Wednesday, on the occasion of the national day of air defense said: "During the Iraqi imposed war against Iran, enemy planes like Mirage bombed Iranian cities without any worries, and our capabilities were limited at that time, but today we have strategic air defense weapons."

"In those days, our strategic vision was to have a radar that could monitor 25 kilometers, but today we have radars that have a range of 3,000 kilometers," said an Iranian senior military official.

Referring to the strategic vision of Iran’s Leader on internal capabilities from the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, General Shirazi said: "For decades, foreigners have instilled in our youth the belief that we can not produce anything, but today we have become self-sufficient."


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