Iran (IP)- Chief Commander of Iran's Army said that the country's air defense has gained good achievements in various fields of air defense, including radar, missiles, and communication systems.

Iran Press/Iran News: Along with other commanders and high-ranking army officials, Major General Seyyed Abdul Rahim Mousavi met with Commander of the Air Defense Forces Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi-Fard on Monday, August 31 which is named as the National of Air Defense Day.

During the meeting held via videoconference, the Chief Commander of Iran's Army said: "During the years after the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution, especially after the establishment of the Air Defense Base in 2008, the country's air defense force has gained good achievements in various fields, including radar, missiles and communication systems."

Emphasizing Iran's air defense's upper hand in the region, Mousavi added: "During the one year or so that has passed since the formation of the Air Defense Force, good events have taken place in Arm Force and the combat capability and air defense readiness have been increased."

The commander of the country's air defense appreciated the efforts of the air defense personnel, saying: "I appreciate my comrades in the air defense in all parts of the country who have voluntarily and passionately worked all days and nights to achieve such a level of readiness to defend our beloved country."


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