A US Navy surveillance aircraft crashed near Wallops Island, Virginia, on Monday and all four crew members have been found alive.

Iran PressAmerica: The E-2 crashed at approximately 3:50 pm. The two pilots and two crew members bailed out of the aircraft safely through the main cabin door, using parachutes they are required to wear onboard, according to the Naval Air Force public affairs office. At the time of the crash, the E-2 was conducting a training flight.

The Naval Air Force public affairs office in a statement added: "Initial reports showed no structural damage or personnel injuries on the ground due to the mishap, and the cause of the crash is being investigated."

The incident isn't the first military plane crash over the past year. In January, two bodies were recovered from a US military aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, a defense official told CNN. In November, two US Air Force personnel were killed when two T-38 training aircraft crashed near Vance Air Base in Oklahoma during a 'routine training mission', the Air Force said in a statement at the time.


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