Iran's ambassador to Japan, Morteza Rahmani Movahed, called for greater cooperation between the two countries.

Iran Press/Asia: Speaking at the Self-Government Research Institute in Yokohama on Friday, the Iranian ambassador added: "Connecting Iran's rail network to Central Asia and expanding land communication routes, connecting the region's oil and gas network to Iran's oil and gas network, about 5,000 kilometers the common border with 15 neighboring countries has made Iran a crossroads and transit center for trade goods and trade relations between East and West Asia."

The Iranian ambassador to Japan also referred to the US illegal presence in the West Asian region, adding: "The US has always sold billions of dollars its weapons to countries in the region under the pretext of Iranophobia, and it has been silent against the hostile and anti-human rights' policies of some countries towards Iran and the oppressed people."

Iran's ambassador to Japan, meanwhile, stated: "Given Iran's important position as a regional power, no country can create a successful trend in the region without taking into account Iran's position."


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