Tehran (IP) - The head of the judiciary called for a human rights declaration among Islamic countries, saying: "If this declaration is final, it must have an executive guarantee, and human rights violators must be brought to justice."

 Iran Press/Iran news: Ebrahim Raisi said at the ceremony to commemorate the Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day (August 5): "Today, those who have made the lives of many people difficult by economic terrorism must be brought to justice, and this can only happen in a competent international court."

"One should not think that one can not bring global arrogance to justice," Raeisi said. "We were able to dominate the West Asian region, and today the power of the Islamic system in the region has made the enemy nervous, and today the power of the United States is weaker than ever."

"The whole world is witnessing racial discrimination in the United States," he said. "Discrimination is at the heart of the American system, the discrimination and injustice is not an accident but a system, and the will of the people in America, Europe, and the world is to fight injustice," judiciary chief underscored.

Raeisi also referred to the UAE's move to normalize relations with Israel and noted: "Something happened in the UAE and they established relations with assassins and child killers; It shows the nature of the Arab reactionism. We do not consider the relationship between the people of the Emirates and Israel, this is the relation between the ignorant rulers of the country and Israel."

The head of the judiciary said: "With the crimes committed by the UAE government in Yemen and the agreement with the Zionist regime, its nature becomes clear to everyone."


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