The Islamic Jihad movement and other Palestinian resistance groups criticized the full normalization agreement between the UAE and the Zionist regime, describing it as a "poisonous dagger on the back of the Palestinian people."

Iran Press/Middle East: US President Donald Trump announced in a statement an hour ago that the Zionist regime and the UAE have reached an agreement to "fully normalize relations", which has been met with a reaction from Palestinian resistance groups.

In a statement, the Resistance Committees called the agreement between the UAE and the Zionist regime to normalize bilateral relations a "treacherous act" and a "poisonous dagger" on the back of the Palestinian people and its history.

The statement also stressed that the agreement between the Zionist regime and the UAE shows the extent of the conspiracy against the nation and the Palestinian cause.

In this regard, the Palestine Liberation Organization also announced that "Israel has received an award from the UAE through secret negotiations."

On the other hand, "normalization with Israel is in fact surrender and kneeling," said Davood Shahab, head of the Islamic Jihad movement's media office.

"The mutual agreement of the UAE and Israel is to withdraw from the national consensus and the aspirations of Palestine," Shahab added.

Also, it is said that both sides will sign memoranda of understanding focusing on tourism, security, investment, direct flights, health, energy, technology, telecommunications, the environment, and more.

Another important clause agreed upon is the establishment of embassies by both sides.


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