Tehran (IP) - The President described protecting people's lives and health as the most important priority of the system and the Government of Prudence and Hope in adopting and implementing policies and programs for fighting coronavirus and stated, "People's health and lives cannot be traded with anything".

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking on Thursday at the meeting of specialized committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, Hassan Rouhani referred to the formation of the task force as a multi-sectoral, supra-departmental and multi-faceted board, and said, "All decisions and policies adopted for fighting coronavirus since the beginning have been based on the collective wisdom and expert and specialized views, and are binding for all parts of the country".

The President described the unified sovereignty and coherence of decisions in the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, which has been repeatedly and explicitly approved by the Supreme Leader, one of the important reasons for success in curbing the outbreak of coronavirus in the first and second waves.

He said, "The  Leader of the Revolution has even been following the headquarters about his own personal affairs, and the great maraji have entrusted this task force with the decision on religious rites and rituals".

Referring to the full scientific and expert decision-making process in specialized committees and summarising issues and views in the form of resolutions of various committees and presenting them to the National Task Force, the President emphasized, "The decisions made at the task force are neither personal, nor departmental, but also based on the collective wisdom and with the support of hours of review and expert discussions in the specialized committees of the task force, which has been praised by international authorities so far".

Punishments for non-compliance with health protocols

Rouhani also referred to the formulation, design, and accurate determination of punishments for non-compliance with health protocols, and said, "In determining the punishments, attention has been paid in such a way that its deterrent and punitive aspect leads to a transformation in the lifestyle of the citizens".

The President stated, "Everyone should know clearly that punishments are determined to protect people's health and respect the citizens' rights, and non-observance of the rules is exactly a violation of civil rights and is subject to punishment and fines".

Rouhani instructed all departments around the country to explain, educate and inform about the exact implementation and observance of the instructions and said, "Lack of accurate information and necessary training in this regard, has the opposite result and leads to public dissatisfaction".

Progress in the field of drug and vaccine production in the country

In another part of his speech at the meeting, Rouhani described the progress made in the field of drug and vaccine production in the country, including the positive achievements and opportunities created by the threat of the outbreak of coronavirus and the problems the disease has caused.

He added, "Development of drug and vaccine production infrastructure has been one of the priorities of this government in recent years, which accelerated and expanded during the outbreak of coronavirus, and we hope that these successes will continue until the desired and final result is achieved".

The President called the simultaneous efforts to produce drugs and vaccines in the country and to provide the required drugs and vaccines from abroad a continuous move and said, "The most important principle is to fully comply with all health protocols until the drugs and vaccines are approved".


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