Tehran (IP) - the head of the Islamic Propagation Organization has said that Muharram rituals are to be held in accordance with consideration, empathy, and through observing health protocols as well.

Iran PressIran News: "According to the Leader's remarks about holding Muharram rituals while observing the health protocols and by the supervision of National Task Force for Fighting the coronavirus, a document was planned after several meetings," Mohammad Qomi said at National Task Force for Fighting the Coronavirus' meeting on holding Muharram rituals.

"Holding Muharram rituals is the identity, character, and demands of the people, so it will be held with observing the health protocols," he noted.

In a national taskforce meeting on holding Muharram rituals, Deputy Cultural Affairs, and propagation organization, Mostafa Jalali also stated: "Considering people’s health, the most important delegations announced that they would not hold any ritual in Muharram, but after reviewing the new protocols and preparing the document, it was decided to increase the number of delegations and reduce their gatherings."

He pointed out that the organizing system was set up for the delegations, and 3,000 delegations announced their readiness to hold the Muharram rituals.

"Representatives of the Ministry of Health monitor these places and the health protocols are observed, they will be allowed to hold Muharram rituals," Mostafa Jalali reiterated.

Deputy Cultural Affairs and propagation Organization concluded that if Muharram rituals are held with proper planning and management, political currents such as the British Shiite movement will not be able to show incorrect images of the Muharram rituals.

National headquarters meeting on holding the Muharram rituals was held on Tuesday in Tehran with the presence of the Minister of Health and the head of the Islamic propagation Organization and a group of cultural and propagation officials of the country.  207/219

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