Tehran (IP) - If European countries want to prove their supports for Lebanese, lifting sanctions against this country is the best way, the foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday.

Iran Press/Iran News: Attending his weekly press conference, Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Moussavi responded to Iran press’s question regarding the latest protests in Lebanon after the explosion and some European officials (French president Macron) trip to this country.

Moussavi said that what happened in Lebanon was a great incident and it is clear that Lebanese are sad about it.

Some groups and countries exploit the situation in Lebanon which is unacceptable, he highlighted.

The spokesman went on to say that some want to pursue specific motives with external provocation, while Lebanese are in a critical condition, they must be calm and let their officials control the situation.

Taking a deep look is necessary to find the main reason for the incident, but meanwhile, some countries hypocritically show themselves as defenders of the Lebanese people, he added.

If the West wants to prove their honesty for Lebanese, they lift the imposed sanctions on people, he concluded.

Last Tuesday, a massive explosion in the port of Beirut, killed at least 158 people and injured nearly 6000 others.

Iran Rapid Deployment Hospital (RDH) opened on Saturday in Beirut to help the people affected by the horrific explosion.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Moussavi on Monday in the same news presser said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been with the Lebanese people and government since the early hours of the incident, and the foreign minister called his counterpart and the president ordered a team to be formed. Several planes full of aid cargos have been sent so far and more aid is on the way.


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