The US secretary of state warned against a Chinese trade deal with Iran, claiming that it would “destabilize” the Middle East.

Iran PressAmerica: During an interview with Fox News on August 2, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo referred to Iran-China relations, denouncing reports that Beijing and Tehran are close to signing a $400 billion economy and security deal.

He said United States sanctions against Iran would be applied to Chinese state firms, claiming that Tehran’s access to money and weapons “only compounds” risks for the region.

“I think countries in the Middle East should see this for what it is. China’s entry into Iran will destabilize the Middle East,” he said.

Earlier on July 31, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said Iran's view about relations with China is a long-term and interest-based one and this relation is costly for those who support US maximum pressure policy.

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman previously invalidated any text published about the document draft before the finalization of Iran-China talks, rejecting claims about the lease of Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf, monopolization of selling oil at low prices, and the deployment of the armed forces.


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