Abbas Mousavi

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that accelerating the implementation of the Astara railway in the north-south corridor was discussed with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Iran PressIran News: Abbas Mousavi said on Friday that the synergy and serious efforts of the executive agencies in Iran are required to complete the Astara railway dock project.

He described Astara city, northern Iran, as the forefront of the country, which enjoys rail, ground, and sea borders, and said that the construction of the Astara-Rasht railway is also on the relevant executive agencies' agenda. 

Astara Railway which connects Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic was inaugurated in March 2018, with Azerbaijan pledged $ 60 million of investment to build the Astara railway dock and Astara-Rasht railway line.

Currently, freight trains of Russia and the Republic of Azerbaijan enter the Astara railway port and either unload or load their cargoes. 

After the connection of the port and the Astara-Rasht railway, the north-south railway corridor will be completed, and transferring goods from the southernmost ports to Astara in the north as well as the departure from the country will be feasible.  207/216

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